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Patrik Karisch

Currently working most of the time as a PHP Backend Guru for the awesome agency pixelart in Salzburg I'm responsible for cleaning up old projects and creating amazing new ones. Beside from my love to Symfony, this work was more focused on TYPO3 and Shopware, but with clever ways we are on the way to pure Symfony projects and on the way to the cloud with stuff like commercetools and headless CMS services.
Beside that I'm an Open Source enthusiast, thus I contribute back to projects and libraries where it's possible, open source own stuff and so on.

PHP Backend Guru at pixelart
Lead developer for Smartfox
Freelancing, self-employed, hosting
Full-time at Bosch as mechatronics engineer
Apprenticeship at Bosch as mechatronics engineer
Start self-educating PHP coding and Linux administration
96% PHP
89% Linux
64% CSS
59% JS

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

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Patrik Karisch

Almuferweg 4/1

5400 Hallein, AUSTRIA

+43 664 135 21 74